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Re: debian & UPS support

On 25 Aug 1999 goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de wrote:

> What if you have several ups from several vendors all controled by a
> central system?

But .. that means, that you've got boxes which depend on power controlled
by another computer. I don't think it's a good idea.

Ok, you will have that computer backed up by another ups, but what if that
one goes out first? You'll be left with those boxes connected to the other
ups running on battery and without a way to check it's state, as the
control cable leads to a computer already off.

I thought about this for quite a while, and there's such a number of
possibilities, that I would speak against controlling ups by computer
which is not powered by it:

ups1 --pwr-- box1 --ttyS1-- ups2 --pwr-- box2

Of course, several slaves can be connected to ups too, so that general ups
setup should be like this

ups --pwr-- master
 |----pwr-- slave1
 +----pwr-- slaven

jozef  :-)  
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