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Re: debian & UPS support

Jozef Hitzinger <hitzinger@phobos.fphil.uniba.sk> writes:

> On 25 Aug 1999 goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de wrote:
> > What if you have several ups from several vendors all controled by a
> > central system?
> But .. that means, that you've got boxes which depend on power controlled
> by another computer. I don't think it's a good idea.

But exactly that was the idea behind it.

We have two servers that act as redundant to each other. Now if one
goes down, the second takes over. It would then be nice to
automatically reboot the other by telling the UPS to power down for a

If the UPS had two serial ports, both computers could watch both UPS
and power down the other in case of a software failure of the other.

Its just a crazy idea, but we might end up with more than one ups on
each comp.

With our current plans for the setup each server controls the UPS of
the other, so its one UPS per server. In case of power shortage they
have to do a shutdown via network, witch is fine. Even if that doesn't 
work, the system is designed to not take any severe damage when losing 
power. Any r/w Filesystem can be reconstructed at boot time, so a
crash isn't serious.

May the Source be with you.

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