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Re: Depenency Bugs in Debian Packages (long)

David Coe wrote:
> gecko@master.debian.org wrote:
> > Dependency check for the hurd-i386 architecture
> >   Cannot satisfy with packages in main:
> > 
> >      * iczech: dependency ispell
> >      * inorwegian: dependency ispell
> >      * ipolish: dependency ispell
> >      * ispanish: dependency ispell
> I'm the (prospective) new ispell maintainer.  
> The problem here is that ispell, and most (all
> but the above four) of the ispell dictionaries,
> have "Architecture: i386".

Actually, they have "Architecture: any" in the debian/control file.
Ispell should have that too.  If any of them have "Architecture: i386"
in the debian/control file, then they're wrong.

> I suspect that the ispell dictionaries are not
> (should not be) architecture-specific, and that
> should be very easy to fix.  

They are, they're byte-order dependent.

> But how can I 
> determine whether ispell is i386-specific?  (In
> theory it should not be.)  Should I just upload
> one with "Architecture: All" and see what fails?

"Any", not "all".

Please re-read section 4.2.3 of the Packaging Manual.

Richard Braakman

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