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Re: Wannabe maintainer looking for help.

On Thu, Aug 12, 1999 at 06:34:39AM -0700, Robert Jones wrote:
> Greetings all.
> I have submitted an application for maintainership to the new-maintainers team, but
> given the current discussions on debian-devel, I do not expect it to be approved any
> time soon.  In the meantime, I would like to practice to get a feel for the
> procedures involved in packaging applications, running a development system, etc.
> I have downloaded all of the i386 unstable tree, but as main is 1.2 gigs or so, I'm
> not sure how to split it up onto CDs to do the installation.  I've heard it's
> possible to install the base from slink, and switch to potato after dbootstrap -- is
> this accurate?
> After I get my potato system set up, I intend to work on packaging gsh
> (http://personal.atl.bellsouth.net/atl/v/c/vcato/gsh/).  I will be contacting the
> upstream shortly for permission.
> Any suggestions for installing potato would be appreciated.

Welcome to the ever-increasing group of maintainers-to-be (only the
new-maintainer team knows how many of us there are, and they are
silent, of course). 

I think that would work, although it might be better to do a network
install instead of trying to manage multiple CDs at this point.  

I've seen some discussions on debian-devel in the past few days about
potato libreadline conflicting with slink bash. Possibly that would
cause a problem with upgrading from slink base. 

Nobody (?) installs all of main (do they?) I expect that most people
install a small enough set of packages that they would fit on a single
CD.  You would have to make sure that you had all the dependencies
covered and you could add additional packages as needed, by downloading


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