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CVS and upstream source


I apologize in advance if this is in a FAQ or something, or if this
is the wrong mailing list...

I have recently started using CVS to keep track of my source. I use
cvs-upgrade to `install' the upstream source, and everything works very

Except for one point. cvs seems to mangle the time stamps, so whenever I
try to make the project, it tries to run aclocal, automake, autoheader,
etc to remake the corresponding files again. However, in almost all
cases, these files should not be recompiled, and I don't want CVS to try
and check in the new version.

This is especially a problem if (1) I have a different version
of autoconf or automake to the upstream maintainer, or (2) the
automake generated Makefile is broken and gives an invalid directory
to aclocal (I haven't investigated this problem in detail yet).

How do I force automake generated Makefiles not to remake the source
files?? Or am I approaching this from the wrong angle???? What should
I do?  eg perhaps I should somehow tell cvs-upgrade not to install
configure and */Makefile.am (any others I have missed)?

Thanks in advance.

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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