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Re: multiple binary packages (again)

Domenico Andreoli <dom@grullo.cavoknet.it> writes:

> i'm trying to package curl. curl is tool to download anything from
> the net in all sort of ways (http, ftp, gopher, https). it comes
> also with ssl support, i can tell it to compile ssl support by a switch
> after ./configure.
> in order to get both version i have to configure/make sources (for
> plain version), save somewhere plain binary and clean reconfigure/remake
> all (for ssl flavour).
> moreover, dpkg-buildpackage wants to do "make build" and then "make
> binary". i can build a curl flavour at time. to do a binary package i
> must to have just built that flavour. i can't make both of them and then
> pack them. unless i have to copy all the source tree somewhere and
> proceed to parallel work. 

If the source's Makefile isn't to braindead, you can build the
binaries in a different directory than the sources. Usually debian
packages build the bins in "build" and install them to
"debian/tmp". You could use "build" and "build-ssl" to actually do two 

Alternatively, and superior to the current implementation of curl, you 
could put the ssl support in a library and eigther write a dummy fo US 
or use dlopen to open the lib if present. That way you would have only 
one curl package and a curl-ssl add-on for people who need it.

> have i to do a source packages for each flawour of curl? it sounds dull
> to me.

The xserver packages should have the same problem. Looking at them
might help.

May the Source be with you.

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