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Re: [MoM] incorporating phyutility into the packages Re: [RMLL/LSM] - CfP 2014 Re: Adding python3-biopython Aw: New in the team Aw: Re: [Health-dev] [tryton-debian] gnuhealth packaging (was: Exception when building the package in a cleanroom Debian environment) Aw: Re: Presentation of Debian Med on local Next Generation Sequencing workshop (April) BioPython Debian packages uploaded (Was: BWA command line change?) Bug#692498: marked as done (ITP: bamtools -- C++ API and toolkit for manipulating BAM (genome alignment) files) Re: Bug#745847: ITP: perm -- efficient mapping of short reads with periodic spaced seeds can't push to cufflinks git repository: access denied or repository not exported: Direkt vom Baum auf Ihren Tisch force bowtie2 transition to testing getData - seems to work help needed for #733352 How to deal with tools used by BioPython and PyCogent HTSeq released incomplete tarball. InVesalius 3b5 libbioinfoc-0.1.0 debian package: .deb files lacking library Mailing list usage (Was: Reporting of bugs in package VCS repos) New in the team Re: NewContributorGame: R-ape / OpenBugs Orthanc 0.7.4 Packaging bambam library for official Debian Packaging SMALT for Debian problem solved (was Re: SPAdes for Debian) Re: Problem with bug #731823 Q-Leap Networks contributes to Debian Med Reporting of bugs in package VCS repos Re: SPAdes for Debian Re: Staden packaging -- [Was: [NEBC-NBAF #14791] Staden package-gap5] WebSite The last update was on 07:52 GMT Sun Jun 02. There are 111 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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