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HTSeq released incomplete tarball.


I was wondering what one should do when upstream's source release tarball is 
missing important components.

HTSeq's release tarballs after my initial release stopped including the .pyx 
and .i source files and only included the C/CXX code generated by SWIG and 

I also discovered HTSeq's more recent releases don't include the documentation 

Upstream pointed me at their subversion repository[1], but it doesn't have 
release tags. I've tried to help upstream by trying to make some suggestions 
to improve their packaging. 

But I'm not sure what I should do now while waiting for them to decide if they 
want to use my changes. (And I was still missing some parts).

My first attempt was to make a quilt patch that included the missing .i and 
.pyx files but then I discovered that the doc tree was missing and I'm not 
sure I want to add in a patch that is half of their release. (Upstream 
tarballs dropped from 52k to 22k because of the missing docs and source 

I could make my own tarball from their subversion archive, or I could keep 
trying to engage upstream to make a new release with the 
missing files.

Do you have any recommendations?


[1] svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/htseq/code/

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