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How to deal with tools used by BioPython and PyCogent


as you might have noticed by my SVN commits for BioPython I have done
some effort to run all possible tests of the testsuite shipped with
BioPython.  I also tried to get autopkgtest working since I consider all
possible tests we can provide as an important service for letting
scientist create reproducible results.

For making all those tests we need to Build-Depend from a lot of our
Debian Med maintained packages - nice to see that we have quite a good
coverage of all those tools.  (The situation is a bit different for
PyCogent, but I will report about this in a different mail.)

Now I'm wondering how to deal with all these tools used by BioPython and
PyCogent which are called in the according test suites and mentioned in
Build-Depends.  I personally think that we should add these to
Recommends since we should make sure that all functionalities are
supported once a user is installing BioPython / PyCogent.  However, some
people might argue that their system might be bloated by packages they
are not really using.  I personally would not share this opinion but I'm
also no user of these toolsets and thus I wonder what you as potential
user might think about this.

If I do not get any opinions I will upload with Recommends identical
to Build-Depends.

Kind regards



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