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Re: libbioinfoc-0.1.0 debian package: .deb files lacking library

Hi Detlef,

On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 09:38:29PM +0200, Detlef wrote:
> The bioinfoclib subset we worked on is now compiling and testing fine
> with GNU autoconf/automake, thus I have now an "upstream tarball" and
> a debian subdirectory.

Could you please do us a favour and

   a) upload your upstream tarball to sf.net
   b) commit the packaging to Debian Med version control system
      (SVN or Git at your personal preference) - if you have no
      idea how to do this please read the according chapter in our
      team policy[1] and ask back if you might face some showstoppers.

> Now the problem:
>   fakeroot ./debian/rules binary
> produces .deb files as expected, but these don't contain the desired
> library.
> However I see the library gets built into
> libbioinfoc-0.1.0/debian/tmp/usr/lib, and 'make check' is executed a
> library-based test program just fine.
> How could that be fixed?

I guess it will be quite simple to fix but I see no point in
establishing a different workflow to what we are usually working.
I probably would like to commit some changes to your packaging
but I can't to a download tarball as you are providing.

> Is it something with the debian/control file?

Probably not.  You are lacking an install file.

> Are there examples I could learn from?

Yep, there are several examples for library packaging in our Git and
SVN.  For libraries I'm usually recommending d-shlibs and you can grep
for this if you check out the SVN packaging tree.  In Git we have
bambamc, bamtools and snp-sites as examples.

> Help is appreciated.
> In case somebody would like to take a closer look -- the files are here:
> bioinfoc.ch/download/debianmed/libbioinfoc_2014-04-22.tar.gz
> Using this file, reproducing the problem should be easy:
> unpack this file, cd to debianmed_bioinfoc_2014-04-22 and say "fakeroot
> ./debian/rules binary".

I promise to help but only for the usual workflow - so please follow our
team policy[1] and commit your packaging.

Kind regards


[1] http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/docs/policy.html 


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