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Re: HTSeq released incomplete tarball.

> Without beeing able to evaluate your chances to convince upstream (which
> would my *personal* prefered choice) I think you shoudl decide what from
> your point of view is the solution that might create the least trouble
> with an acceptable result for the user.  We have some
> debian/get-orig-source scripts in SVN which could serve as an example.

Helping upstream improve their python packaging would be my preferred solution 
too. Though as upstream seems busy I'm not sure how long it will take for them 
to review my proposed patches. [1]

Using get-orig-source to retrieve the from their subversion repository looks 
like a good path as well. (Upstream had said that they were viewing the pypi 
repository as "partially compiled" so they're more focused on including the 
auto-generated code than the cython .pyx and swig .i files.)

Thank you for the recommendation.

[1] https://github.com/detrout/htseq/commits/master

my proposed patches to upstreams repository -- still looking for a way to make 
it build with out swig installed.

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