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Re: Mailing list usage (Was: Reporting of bugs in package VCS repos)

>>>>> "Lennart" == L C Karssen <lennart@karssen.org> writes:

Hi Lennart,

    Andreas> Hi Roland, I'm assuming you intended "List-Reply" and
    Andreas> answer in public.

    >>> indeed :( Isn't it possible to set a "Reply-To: " tag in the
    >>> messages sent from the list. I'm sure I'll forget to change the
    >>> "To: field" more often ...

    Andreas> Hmmm, I have never thought about this but the hint is
    Andreas> sensible.  I'm personally using mutt which has the
    Andreas> List-Reply feature (L) and as far as I remember list
    Andreas> masters consider this as the recommended way to solve this.
    Andreas> Manually changing the To: field is admittedly booring.  Any
    Andreas> volunteer who is also bored by doing so to approach
    Andreas> listmaster about this?

    Lennart> This is a very old debate :-). Before changing the Reply-to
    Lennart> header, it may be worth to read "The great reply-to debate"
    Lennart> in Karl Fogel's book "Producing open source software":
    Lennart> http://producingoss.com/en/message-forums.html#reply-to
    Lennart> which describes the pros and cons and gives a
    Lennart> recommendation (spoiler: he has a preference for not
    Lennart> changing the Reply-to header). It also links to two
    Lennart> canonical documents in this debate for those who are
    Lennart> interested.  Finally, he writes about the Reply-to-list
    Lennart> feature of Mutt Andreas mentions (and which by now also
    Lennart> exists in Thunderbird).

excellent that you pointed this out. I read through the book page, and
after that I clearly have to say: 'Forget my request, leave things as
they are'. I'm using emacs VM and I'll probably hack something in elisp
that automatically sets the reply correctly for me when answering to
this list. Was kind of clear, that this kind of stuff had been debated
before :)


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