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Re: Reporting of bugs in package VCS repos

Hi Roland,

I'm assuming you intended "List-Reply" and answer in public.

On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 02:47:47PM +0200, rf@q-leap.de wrote:
>     >> git). What I'd like to know is, where we should address bugs in
>     >> the packaging or VCS management (e.g. missing tags) to. Mailing
>     >> list or directly to the uploaders or ...?
>     Andreas> Can you please give an example.
> e.g. fastx-toolkit. It doesn't have any tags, even though the upstream
> repo (https://github.com/agordon/fastx_toolkit.git) does have release tags.
> In this case, it's not clear how the orig.tar.gz was created.

I think this package is an exception and Charles has explained this in
a thread starting at


and ending at


This might be clarified by Charles (I never have touched fastx-toolkit
personally).  Usually the tagging of upstream source is done
automatically by

    git import-orig --pristine-tar <upstream-tarball>

but Charles has given reasons why he was deriving from this and he
promised to document this in Debian Med team policy (I think I remember
he did but I'm to busy to check right now).

> When we
> create the backports, we want to create a copy of the tagged upstream
> src using (git archive ...) to build the package and use "pristine-tar
> checkout ..." to recreate the orig.tar.gz for the source. Without
> upstream tags, this is not possible.

I created a fresh clone (my old clone just contained some tags) and it
builds some fastx-toolkit_0.0.14.orig.tar.gz ... magically also to me -
but it should work for you as well.  I guess it has something to do with

I definitely confirm that we should have at least a debian/<release>
tag and also the relevant upstream tags should be there.
>     Andreas>   I guess the packaging list
>     Andreas>    debian-med-packaging@lists.alioth.debian.org
> Looks like the right place. I subscribed to it.

Good.  :-)

>     Andreas> would be a reasonable place but if you just notice a
>     Andreas> missing tag the easiest way to deal with this kind of
>     Andreas> problem is just setting the tag and push it. There is not
>     Andreas> much to discuss about something which was simply forgotten.
> Is it OK, to just push to other maintainers repos? Shouldn't they be
> notified or does that happen automagically?

The "Maintainer" field is the mailing list since we are team maintaining
our packages.  I'm usually entertaining to push changes to repositories
created by other members of the team and I'm happy about any change
anybody will change to repository I created.  In our team this could be
regarded as "best practice".  If you have some interest in specific
packages simply add your ID to "Uploaders" which shows your involvement
to other team members.
>     Andreas> BTW, since I'm reading from your mail some preference for
>     Andreas> Git: If you have interest in packages in SVN and prefer
>     Andreas> using Git - just talk to the above list as well.  Sometimes
>     Andreas> it is simply for historic reasons and there is no point in
>     Andreas> forcing people to SVN who prefer Git just for this reason.
> OK. Will do. Internally we'll only use git using git svn, even if the
> maintainers will continue using svn. But we'd be happy to help migrate
> stuff to git, if the maintainers agree.

Feel free to discuss anything that might smoothen your personal workflow
here - may be this might enhance the general workflow as well.

>     Andreas> Hope this answers a spoken and an unspoken question
> Yup. Thanks,


Kind regards



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