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Re: Q-Leap Networks contributes to Debian Med

Hi Roland,

On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 10:36:26PM +0200, rf@q-leap.de wrote:
> this is just a short intro to let you know that Q-Leap Networks, the
> company behind Qlustar (a Debian/Ubuntu based HPC/Storage Cluster
> solution) is now entering a closer relationship with the Debian Med
> project. I am Roland Fehrenbacher, theoretical physicist
> (high-temperature superconductivity)

Seems we physicists will take over this topic now. ;-)

> and founder of Q-Leap Networks,
> which some of you may recall from Tony's presentation of Qlustar at the
> recent Debian Med Sprint. Two weeks ago, Steffen took me along to an NGS
> meeting in Rostock and on the way back - a long train ride through 3/4
> of Germany - I decided that Q-Leap shall put some tangible effort to its
> website promise to support Debian Med.

We are really happy about your interest.

> The initial focus of our effort will be on packaging, i.e. long-term
> maintenance of:
>  + mpiblast: http://www.mpiblast.org/
>  + frealign: http://grigoriefflab.janelia.org/frealign
>  + eman2: http://blake.bcm.edu/emanwiki/
>  + relion: http://www2.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk/relion/index.php/Main_Page
> and we will then see how this develops towards data management and
> cloud/cluster setups.

Sounds like an interesting list.

> We also have a particular interest in backporting to Wheezy as one of our
> officially supported platforms, the other is Ubuntu Precise. New to
> preparing packages for Debian main, we are still in the learning phase
> of all the ever developing tools and web sites out there and how
> to match those best with our internal routine.

You might be interested in


I'm fine with starting right now (modulo some real life absence for the
next couple of days but for sure I'll read my mails sporadically).

> I am very curious about the kinds of interactions that will develop over
> the mailing list and look forward to possibly meet some more of you in
> person at your next Sprint. On a side note: Q-Leap employs a Debian
> Maintainer (Goswin v. Brederlow) since many years.

Ahhh, I guess if Goswin is close to your desk there will not be to much
need for MoM - but the offer remains anyway.
Great to have you and Q-Leap in the boat



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