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Re: Q-Leap Networks contributes to Debian Med

On 16/04/14 21:36, rf@q-leap.de wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> this is just a short intro to let you know that Q-Leap Networks, the
> company behind Qlustar (a Debian/Ubuntu based HPC/Storage Cluster
> solution) is now entering a closer relationship with the Debian Med
> project. I am Roland Fehrenbacher, theoretical physicist
> (high-temperature superconductivity) and founder of Q-Leap Networks,
> which some of you may recall from Tony's presentation of Qlustar at the
> recent Debian Med Sprint. Two weeks ago, Steffen took me along to an NGS
> meeting in Rostock and on the way back - a long train ride through 3/4
> of Germany - I decided that Q-Leap shall put some tangible effort to its
> website promise to support Debian Med.
> [...]

Hi, Roland.

I'm very pleased to read about your decision to support Debian Med.

We appreciated the pizza, of course, but your interest in supporting
Debian Med is very welcome indeed. I've just moved house, and I don't
yet have a broadband connection. However, when I get reconnected, I'll
build a new Qlustar Beowulf and try to get Bio-Linux running on it.



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