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InVesalius 3b5

Hi all,

We released a new version of InVesalius on the last thursday and now I'm working on the Debian package. I updated all necessary fields from debian folder and created some new files. Since we are using now Cython (so is necessary to compile) in one of the modules we use, I created a new sub-package, called invesalius-bin to keep it. The invesalius-bin is arch-dependent, and my idea is to put all cython stuff we develop in this sub-package. Apparently it's all OK except for 2 things:

- When I create the packages it runs the command to compile the cython two times, one in dh_auto_build and other in dh_auto_install. It's not a problem exactly, but it's processing lost ... To solve this I'll have to override dh_auto_install?

- Lintian gives me this warning "invesalius-bin: arch-dependent-file-in-usr-share usr/share/invesalius/invesalius/data/mips.so". But invesalius-bin is arch dependent, in debian/control it's marked as "Architecture: any", is there some details I'm forgetting? I have the impression it happens because this file (mips.so) is placed in a folder created by the invesalius package (which is arch independent), but I'm not sure.


PS. I saw invesalius will be removed from Debian Testing because of a problem with libvtk-java. What's the situation of this? Sorry for not manifest me earlier, but I was out for more than a month and I had some problems with my email.

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