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Aw: New in the team

Hi Navid,

> Gesendet: Freitag, 25. April 2014 um 16:02 Uhr
> Von: "Navid Fehrenbacher" <nf@q-leap.de>

> I am Navid Fehrenbacher from Q-Leap Networks and I just
> joined the Debian Med team. I'm doing a 3-year
> apprenticeship at Q-Leap in software development
> (currently 1st year) and have started with the
> backporting of DebianMed packages.
> Eventually I want to maintain one or more DebianMed
> packages of the list, that Q-Leap communicated to take
> over. Currently I'm still a beginner in Debian packaging,
> but with this list and here at Q-Leap I have good
> resources to learn from.

Welcome, great to know you around. All the science and
software aside, and as my very personal priority, there are
the people behind all those packages. I am very confident
that via this list and in direct reaction to your packages,
you will find ample of opportunities to exchange thoughts
and skills with friendly folks from all over the world.

So, beyond the actual work you are doing, once you have
developed some routine, I would be very curious to hear
about how your peers (and teachers) from the school's side
of your (if I got this right) dual education (a concept
not known in other countries but the default for learning
any profession over here) are reacting to your Debian

Please ping me/us f there is something that I/the list shall
do to help you or that you think that should be changed to
have Debian Med more accessible to those entering their
professional life. There is little chance that we can
see those many little hurdles ourselves.



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