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libbioinfoc-0.1.0 debian package: .deb files lacking library


some of you may remember my beginner's attempts to Debian packaging of
selected parts of http://bioinfoc.ch at the January meeting in
Stonehaven, made possible by Toni.

The bioinfoclib subset we worked on is now compiling and testing fine
with GNU autoconf/automake, thus I have now an "upstream tarball" and
a debian subdirectory. Now the problem:
  fakeroot ./debian/rules binary
produces .deb files as expected, but these don't contain the desired

However I see the library gets built into
libbioinfoc-0.1.0/debian/tmp/usr/lib, and 'make check' is executed a
library-based test program just fine.

How could that be fixed? Is it something with the debian/control file?
Are there examples I could learn from? Help is appreciated.

In case somebody would like to take a closer look -- the files are here:
Using this file, reproducing the problem should be easy:
unpack this file, cd to debianmed_bioinfoc_2014-04-22 and say "fakeroot
./debian/rules binary".


Detlef Wolf, Basel

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