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amarok and konversation Apt-get Update Doesn't? Can't delete entry in file type Desktop Icons Highlighten unexpectedly File Association Problem flash (in Konqueror) not loading local swf files Font oddity: Bold displays as condensed font problem euro sign € => ? or box Font Size In KMail View Area getting konversation into Debian (was: amarok and konversation) Getting rekall into Debian Re: How do you get crypto working with kmail? Icon near mouse (opening apps) Is this normal? k3b 1.0 ?? KAddressBook and phpGroupWare KDE 3.1.4 repository and Libranet 2.8.1 KDE 3.1 broken in sarge? KDE and ~/.xsession kdeartwork and kdeaddons in Sarge re: kde problems KDE wont start automatically Kile for Woody kmail and .cshrc kmail relocation error koffice installation Konq loading is fast but ... Konsole fonts with Sid KSpread cell border problem KThemeStyle cache seems corrupt! Latest kopete from CVS Make zip file from Konqueror mouse moves on its own. msttcorefonts Not Accessible msttcorefonts - Thank you and question on multiple desktops in KDE Multiple Desktops Not Changing noatun is eating up very much cpu Re: noatun is eating up very much cpu and just generally is a badly designed, badly programmed and stupid to use. PDF Printer: How to install Problem building qt-x11-free - missing file postgres.h Re: Problem compiling Application with SID & KDE3.1.1 Qt development files on unstable? Recent bugs with accented characters Return key focus problem... Serios problems with KDE serious problems with kde... solved. Sid KDE multimedia upgrade problem, Needed help s/mime and kmail subscribe testing 2.2 -> 3.1 transition Thinking of trying out the KDE 3.2 CVS packages. transcode for K3B!? transitions from Ralph's 3.1.4 woody packages to 3.1.4 in testing unsubscribe Use KDE colors for gtk2 apps What do we need arts for? Where are default fonts specified? where can I get koffice wierd kde problems:unknown protocol:file WTF? XFree 4.3 and QT/KDE development Re: XFree 4.3 and QT/KDE development [fixed] X Problems -- ksmserver won't start The last update was on 15:10 GMT Wed May 01. There are 203 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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