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Re: Thinking of trying out the KDE 3.2 CVS packages.

Most things are relatively stable though Konqueror will crash occasionally, 
esp. on sites with Flash or Java so turn those off if you want stability. 
Even though things in general run faster, Orth's debs do not have the 
debugging options turned off so there will be some slowdown there.

The new KMail is the biggest improvement IMO. Finally the threading "just 
works." and IMAP is improved.

For some apps, you won't be able to go back to your old .kde settings so make 
sure and back it up if you ever want to go back.

On Sunday 02 November 2003 07:30 pm, Doug Holland wrote:
> After my battle with Aegypten and KMail for getting OpenPGP to "just work",
> I noticed the KDE 3.2 CVS repository on apt-get.org.  KDE 3.2 sounds like
> it has lots of nifty new features.  The question is whether it's worth the
> trouble to try the new packages.
> Are they good enough to use for typical web-browsing, email & such, or will
> I get crashes right & left?
> Doug

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