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Re: WTF?

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 02:15:44PM +0100, Thomas Ritter wrote:
| Sounds like someone had fun with the scripts. I'd like to see where it came 
| from. If the older version (someone with a huge local apt cache directory 
| could make an ls-l) doesn't have a hint to this as well, this should go to 
| debian-security.


In the postinst of qt-x11-free-3.1.1-3 (dated 14 Feb 2003, incidentally)
we see:

> #!/bin/sh
> set -e
> if [ "$1" = "configure" ]; then
>   if [ ! -L "/usr/share/qt3/etc/settings" ]; then
>     echo "Creating settings directory symlink to /etc/X11"
>     cd /usr/share/qt3/ && mkdir etc || true
>     cd etc && ln -s ../../../../etc/X11/ settings
>     touch /usr/share/doc/libqt3c102-mt/qtrc_it_was_me
>   fi
> fi

It's also removed in the prerm.  There seems to be no explanation of
/why/ the file is created or destroyed, though.



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