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transitions from Ralph's 3.1.4 woody packages to 3.1.4 in testing


I see now that a number of 3.1.4 packages are now in testing.  Yet there are a 
few 3.1.3 version packages (kdebase) in testing.  I have been happily running 
Ralphs woody packages, but would like to run testing's versions of kde 
because I would like to install some non-kde packages that depend on a qt 
version that I don't have (libsoqt-dev).  I have tried to dowload the source 
of these packages and build against my version of libqt but have had some 
problems (started to compile but had problems midway).    

I have several questions about making a switch from Ralph's woody packages to 
the version in testing.

1.  Has anyone made the switch and are there any gotchas to look out for?

2.  Should I delete Ralph's woody packages first or can I just upgrade libqt 
to the c102 version and install the testing packages?

3.  Would it be better to hold off until all of 3.1.4 hits the testing 
archives or can I run with a few 3.1.3 packages without too much trouble?


John Schmidt

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