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Re: Serios problems with KDE

You need to specify what apt sources you're using, what version of KDE you 
were using previously, and what version of Debian you use.

It'd also help if you posted an output from your dpkg commands.

On Monday 03 November 2003 04:23 am, Daniel Alonso wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I had a serious problem with KDE. I perform an upgrade of my debian for
> once since a lot of time, and this cause the kmail to be de-installed,
> when I try to install again the KMail, it seemed I had a lot of problems
> with dependencies. it went even worst when finaly I try to upgrade KDE,
> and a lot of pakages where deinstalled but it was no substitute...
> dependecies problems...
> So I try tu purge all My KDE to reintall it from the begining. Now I
> have this problem....
> Could you give me a line or a series of lines that alow me to install
> kde 3.1.4 or highest ???
> Thanks...

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