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Re: How do you get crypto working with kmail?

Am Sonntag, 2. November 2003 06:31 schrieb Doug Holland:
> I have the OpenGPG plugin working, but I can't get the S/MIME plugin
> working.
> If I set it up and restart KMail, I get the following error:
> > Error: Plug-in "GPGMeSMIME" initialization unsuccessful.
> > library: /usr/lib/cryptplug/gpgme-smime.so
> > version: 0.3.15
> > Plug-in is out-dated or not installed properly.
> Any idea why this is happening?

Em, no idea.

However, do you have a S/Mime key installed? Maybe it's just complaining about 
that. Most people probably do not need the gpgme-smime.so plugin.


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