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Re: Re: XFree 4.3 and QT/KDE development [fixed]

On Sat, Nov 15, 2003 at 01:16:37PM +1100, msp@debian.org wrote:
> >Thanks to everyone who responded!  A little bit of cut and grep hackery, and
> >everything is running great.
> David,
> Can you be a bit more specific.
> I too am having the same problems now..
> Did you download KDE4.3 from oberlin.cems.umn.edu or get rid of all the 4.3.0-0ds with stuff from debian/experimential?

I believe I did something along these lines:

dpkg -l | grep 0ds | cut -f3 -d" " | xargs sudo apt-get install -t experimental

after apt-get update'ing from the experimental repository.

There was also a little fooling around with mesa or something, but it
was really easy to figure out.

Hope that helps!


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