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Re: Getting rekall into Debian

>>  I can't get it to compile yet (some serious python errors get
>>  generated late in the make process)
> I found this to be because it does not support compiling with python 2.3.
> Fortunately in debian you can have multiple python versions installed so
> it wasn't really a problem, in my case I found I just needed to point the
> /usr/ python symlink at /usr/python2.2 (of course, you need python 2.2
> installed) instead of 2.3 during the compile of rekall. After it's
> compiled you can change the symlink back, it only affects rekall at
> compile time, not at runtime.

I think that it is unacceptable to require modifying anything in /usr tj 
build a package.
Package build scripts should be fixed instead.

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