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Re: Recent bugs with accented characters

* Charles de Miramon [Wed, 19 Nov 2003 14:00:35 +0100]:
> Hello,

> I'm using KDE 3.1.4 on unstable (XFree from unstable). After an upgrade 
> several weeks ago, I've this annoying bug with accented characters.

> When I hit Alt-F2 gg:caractères accentués

> I'll get in Konqueror/Google caract?res accentu?s

> It used to work before.

> Can somebody else confirm this bug ? Any pointer to solve the problem will be 
> appreciated.

I do confirm the bug --- it also used to work before for me.
Haven't had any time to investigate a little.

Adeodato Simó (a.k.a. thibaut)
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