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Re: Recent bugs with accented characters

Charles de Miramon wrote:
>> > I'm using KDE 3.1.4 on unstable (XFree from unstable).
>> > After an upgrade several weeks ago, I've this annoying
>> > bug with accented characters.
>> >
>> > When I hit Alt-F2 gg:caractères accentués
>> >
>> > I'll get in Konqueror/Google caract?res accentu?s
>> >
>> > It used to work before.
>> >
>> > Can somebody else confirm this bug ? Any pointer to solve
>> > the problem will be appreciated.

I am running KDE from HEAD dated 20031106 and I cannot confirm your behaviour. 
Konqueror correctly encodes the URL.

>Ok, I think the problem is related to

That bug is specific to non-UTF8 locales using KDE_UTF8_FILENAMES. And it 
affects filenames only, therefore it cannot be the source of your problem.

Also, please note that gg: is supposed to use UTF-8 no matter what your locale 
setting is.

>A recent patch to QT has broken the translation from UTF 8 to 8bits for URI.

Not exactly broken, but it has made invalid UTF-8 sequences be read and 
transformed into a QString without failing.

>I'm wondering what should be done for Debian in KDE. Thiago Macieira is
>working on it but his patch will work only for 3.2 and Debian needs a
>solution for KDE 3.1.4 in Sarge. I cc him to have his feeling on this topic.

Sorry, as I said I cannot reproduce the behaviour. I don't think I can comment 
on that. However, I can say that I remember gg: always using UTF-8, even in 
the 3.1.x branch. Therefore, either it's a local configuration error or one 
changed introduced to the branch broke that.

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