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Re: Thinking of trying out the KDE 3.2 CVS packages.

On Sun 02 Nov 2003 7:07 pm, Antiphon wrote:
> Most things are relatively stable though Konqueror will crash occasionally,
> esp. on sites with Flash or Java so turn those off if you want stability.
> Even though things in general run faster, Orth's debs do not have the
> debugging options turned off so there will be some slowdown there.
> The new KMail is the biggest improvement IMO. Finally the threading "just
> works." and IMAP is improved.
> For some apps, you won't be able to go back to your old .kde settings so
> make sure and back it up if you ever want to go back.

And now the KDE 3.2 beta is out.  The bells and whistles doth tempt me. :D


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