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flash (in Konqueror) not loading local swf files


I have got flash (using Konqueror) working and loading
up swf files via the web.

Now I am trying to view a local flash file (.swf)
within the browser and I am unable to do so...
Konqueror seems to be trying to display it. The status
bar in Konqueror says "Loading Netscape plugin for
file:/home/ss/file.swf" for ever and nothing ever

Looking around a bit I see a "nspluginviewer" process
has been loaded but there's no response from the flash
file in any way.

I am wondering if anybody is able to load local swf
files in konqueror. If so did you do anything special?
and what's your setup?
If anybody has had this problem please let me know as
I want to make it work.

I am using Debian with KDE 3.1.4 and I have installed
konqueror-nsplugins 3.1.3-1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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