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Re: Kile for Woody

A Dijous 13 Novembre 2003 18:34, Hendrik Sattler va escriure:
> Hi,
> somehow, kile is missing from download.uk.kde.org where the woody debs are
> located. When did this change?

I don't know. However I think that it isn't it since a lot of months.

>  I installed it from there, previously. Now,
> I wanted to install it on another system, too, but it was missing. Where is
> it located now?

The only thing that I can say you is that you can create yourself a woody 
package of the last version (1.6),  or if you want I can send you my package 
for woody (kde 3.1.4) or I can explain how to do it. That's all.

Otherwise I would like to ask what's happen with a package that have 
somethings about orph? I don't know what does it means.



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