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Re: mouse moves on its own.


> since 2 weeks or so my mouse becomes crative. It thinks it should move to
> the right or the left, I think it never moved up and down, without asking
> me. That is not a kindly behavior. Is this a problem related to XFree and
> will be fixed in 4.3 (current installed or is it kde related and
> will be fixed in kde 3.2? Or has it nothing to do with anything and will
> never be fixed? :-)
> Ok - I know that this was disucced in the past. So if s.o. can tell me
> where to read about i am grad.

I think that you are describing the problem where the cursor drawn on the 
screen and the place where it clicks when you press a button are offset. You 
can fix this by putting the following line into the "Device" section of 
XF68Config-4 where your video card is described:
Option "sw_cursor" "true"

Hope this helps

James Wells

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