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Re: Recent bugs with accented characters

Le Mercredi 19 Novembre 2003 15:34, Caoilte O'Connor a écrit :
> ditto, though I assumed it was because I switched the font
> to verdana at the same time.
> c
> On Wednesday 19 November 2003 14:00, Charles de Miramon
> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm using KDE 3.1.4 on unstable (XFree from unstable).
> > After an upgrade several weeks ago, I've this annoying
> > bug with accented characters.
> >
> > When I hit Alt-F2 gg:caractères accentués
> >
> > I'll get in Konqueror/Google caract?res accentu?s
> >
> > It used to work before.
> >
> > Can somebody else confirm this bug ? Any pointer to solve
> > the problem will be appreciated.

Ok, I think the problem is related to 

A recent patch to QT has broken the translation from UTF 8 to 8bits for URI. A 
workaround for the Google stuff is to  change the Web shortcut 
(Konqueror-->settings) to
take away the UTF8 stuff like that :
and put it in your encoding 

I'm wondering what should be done for Debian in KDE. Thiago Macieira is 
working on it but his patch will work only for 3.2 and Debian needs a 
solution for KDE 3.1.4 in Sarge. I cc him to have his feeling on this topic.


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