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Re: k3b 1.0 ??

On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 06:55:16PM +0100, Joan Tur wrote:

| Hallo!
| I'd like to try the DVD burning capability of version 1.0 of k3b... do you 
| know when is it going to be in SID ?  8-?
| Thanks  ;)

Oooh!  DVD burning support in K3b would be very nice, so far I've been
using mkisofs and dvdrecord by hand which is a bit of a pain, to put it
mildly.  Some quick Googling suggests that it uses dvd+rw-tools rather
than dvdrecord, which is also good because the former is already
packaged in Debian while the latter is not :-)

Someone has already filed a bug requesting the new version in Debian:


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