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Can't delete entry in file type

When I right click a text file to get the context menu, I get the options to 
open with->

I wanted to delete one of the kword entries. So I went and clicked Edit file 

Here in the tab General I get only two entries under prefered application 
order, namely Kate and KWord.
So I click the other tab (embedded? I am using the danish translation so I am 
not exactly sure what it is called in english). In here I also have two 
entries. The first is KWord and the second is the embedded viewer.

Now I try to delete the KWord entry here and it seems to work. However when I 
right click the file again nothing has changed, I still get the same "Open 
with" entries as above.

Here comes the biggest surprise. When I click Edit file type again and select 
the second tab the KWord entry has reappeared!

What's going on here?


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