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getting konversation into Debian (was: amarok and konversation)

On Tue 18 Nov 2003 14:35, Mickael Marchand wrote re my konversation package:
> do you plan uploading to debian ?

Hmm....  Well, we should definately get a konversation package into Debian one 
way or another.  It's a great program, and it should be included.

If no one objects, I'd be happy to maintain a konversation package, as I could 
use the practice.  =)  However, Mik, if you want to get it uploaded as soon 
as possible, feel free to take my package (or whatever parts you feel are 
useful) and get it moving along.  You already have a sponsor and can probably 
get a package uploaded sooner than I.  Otherwise, if it's cool with the 
upstream authors, I'll file an ITP tomorrow and seek a sponsor in the 
appropriate places.


Nathaniel W. Turner
Tel: +1 508 579 1948 (mobile)

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