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Re: [Pkg-haskell-commits] darcs: gitit: Repack to get rid of jquery Re: [Pkg-haskell-commits] darcs: gitit: Use system JS Adding data-lens to stackage? Bug#784315: RM: hoauth -- ROM; Unmaintained, replaced by hoauth2 Bug#784371: RM: haskell-binary-communicator -- ROM; Abandonned by upstream, does not build any more Bug#784987: RM: bluetile -- ROM; Unmaintained by upstream Bug#784988: RM: haskell-fastcgi -- ROM; No upstream maintainer Bug#784990: RM: haskell-tinyurl -- ROM; Unmaintained by upstream Bug#784991: RM: haskell-editline -- ROM; Unmaintained by upstream Bug#784993: RM: haskell-gstreamer haskell-gtkglext haskell-libtagc -- ROM; Does not build any more Bug#784994: RM: haskell-hsx -- ROM; No recent upstream releases Bug#784996: RM: haskell-pastis -- ROM; No upstream maintenance Bug#784997: RM: haskell-strict-concurrency -- ROM; No recent upstream releases Bug#784999: RM: tokyocabinet-haskell -- ROM; FTBFS Bug#785001: RM: haskell-type-level -- ROM; No upstream support Bug#785002: RM: haskell-weighted-regexp -- ROM; Does not build, no recent releases Bug#785003: RM: haskell-lambdabot-utils -- ROM; Does not build, no recent releases Bug#785004: RM: haskell-http-attoparsec -- ROM; fails to build, no recent releases Bug#787184: ITP: haskell-js-jquery -- bundles the minified jQuery code into a Haskell package Bug#787185: ITP: haskell-js-flot -- bundles the minified Flot code into a Haskell package Bug#787194: ITP: haskell-charsetdetect-ae -- Charset detection using Mozilla's Universal Character Set Detector Bug#787195: ITP: haskell-dynamic-state -- Optionally serializable dynamic state keyed by type Bug#787196: ITP: haskell-oo-prototypes -- Support for OO-like prototypes Bug#787198: ITP: haskell-word-trie -- Implementation of a finite trie over words. Bug#787200: ITP: haskell-yi-language -- Collection of language-related Yi libraries. Bug#787204: ITP: haskell-yi-rope -- Rope data structure used by Yi Bug#787245: RM: hbro hbro-contrib -- ROM; Unsuitable for Debian cabal-install dependency on libghc-cabal-dev too tight Darcs and tag/commit signing DEB_GHC_EXTRA_PACKAGES Dh_Haskell's configure recipe datasubdir Embedded jquery/jflot copies FYI, extra-depends possibly broken Gentle NEW nudge: haskell-mtl-compat, haskell-multipart, haskell-gloss-rendering, haskell-time-locale-compat, haskell-aeson-qq Re: GHC on hurd gitit needs work. Who cares about gitit? hackage for packages in debian haskell-async binNMU on sparc Re: haskell-esqueleto test suite hangs haskell-graceful package status Help needed with lens testsuite I need help with #10424/#785282 Last call to decide which libraries to remove Looking for someone who takes care of leksah Re: mediawiki2latex 7.20 new dependencies for pandoc 1.14 Next steps to a sane state No interpreter OK to drop build-deps on packages ghc now conflicts with? Re: Packages to drop? Packaging Fay Request for check and upload [Was: Status and Roadmap] Status and Roadmap Updating Leksah (or packaging GHCJS) Who cares about hbro? Who cares about notmuch-web? Who cares about OSM? Re: yi The last update was on 08:27 GMT Mon Jun 03. There are 175 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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