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Re: mediawiki2latex 7.20

Hi Georges,
I updated my Ubuntu now. Still there are differences between the package naming in my version an current sid. Still I don't think this is why the package was rejected. The problem seems to be caused by this lintean tag:


Do you have any idea why that is? Its seems that many Haskell packages have this issue.
Yours Dirk
On 09.05.2015 15:09, Georges Khaznadar wrote:
Dear Dirk,

I am currently packaging mediawiki2latex 7.20

Please notice the addition of ",network-uri" in the file
mediawiki2latex.cabal (it is part of the Debian patches, mandatory for a
successful build)

Best regards,			Georges.

Dirk Hünniger a écrit :
I just released 7.20. Currently I don't think uploading it to debian makes
sense since testing is frozen right now.
Yours Dirk

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