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Re: Dh_Haskell's configure recipe datasubdir


Am Sonntag, den 31.05.2015, 00:20 +0200 schrieb Iustin Pop:
> Not sure I'm convinced. In case of pandoc and hlint, the debian packages
> for the binary match the cabal package name, so they could be argued
> either way.
> In case of shake, looking at the contents of libghc-shake-data, it seems
> we "stole" /usr/share/shake from the actual shake package (Testing
> engine for the Lua language version). So we already have a problem with
> this…
> The debian policy (section 8.2) also recommends to use "package-name" as
> a subdirectory of /usr/share. So:
> > If we have packages with a generic cabal name that put stuff there then
> > we need to extend haskell-devscript to allow us to change that flat.
> > Patch welcome :-)
> I'd rather prefer that we change the default to be either the source
> package name or one of the binary package names. The code shouldn't care
> about what the name of this directory is, but it seems it would be safer
> to use a non-conflicting one, always.

fair point. There is probably not a solution that is ideal everytime.
E.g. if the package is libghc-foo-data, then we might still want foo if
it is _used_ by a package called foo.  So it needs to be properly
configurable, and the question is what the default should be.

I’ll leave it to whoever actually implements this.


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