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Re: Next steps to a sane state

On 2015-05-05 17:09:41, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> Hi,
> while most of our packages have been built with 7.8 now, not all of them
> are, so are not in the "everything is installable" state that we want to
> be in.
> What needs to be done to fix that?
> Essentially, this file should be empty:
> https://people.debian.org/~nomeata/binNMUs-haskell.txt
> As you can see, it is not, so this can serve as a TODO list.

OK, I opened that link, expecting 10-20 lines, but it's huge :(

> The commented binNMUs there are grouped into
> # Already scheduled NMUs
> # Failed builds
> # NMU seems pointless. Dependency in NEW?
> # Packages and Wanna-Build are out of sync
> # Package pending removal, don't bother
> Already scheduled NMUs should not take long, at least on amd64, so
> likely they have build dependencies that cannot be satisfied. Check if a
> the package plan has a newer version than the archive and upload.
> Failed builds need to be investigated. Likely a new upstream release can
> fix them, otherwise patching is required. Or removal on certain
> architectures.
> Dependencies in NEW just need patience, or, if it takes too long, a
> gentle nudge towards the FTP masters.
> “Packages and Wanna-Build are out of sync” should be temporary.
> “Package pending removal, don't bother” is still a todo: Why have these
> packages not yet been removed? Do they have reverse dependencies? What
> is the plan for these – removal or upgrade?
> So you can see there is still a way to go, and I’d happy to get help
> here.

So as I gather, mostly we should fixed for now Failed builds, assuming
the rest are transient?


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