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Re: Packaging Fay


Am Dienstag, den 26.05.2015, 09:43 +0900 schrieb Masayuki Hatta:
> For a simple twist of fate, now I became interested in Haskell ->
> JavaScript compilers, and I've cooked up .deb packages for Fay
> (https://github.com/faylang/fay/wiki).
> I like Fay and plan to use this for developing a webapp for my
> students.  It has been listed in TODO list
> (https://wiki.debian.org/Haskell/PackageTODO).  Is there any blockers
> for making Fay entering the Debian archive (such as  licensing
> issues)?
> If not, I'm planning to ITP it.  How do you think?  Also I'm now
> trying Haste (but they have their own .debs).

Same as for GHCJS: Surely nice to have, if you plan to follow up on it;
and there is also the related question about library coverage. But Fay
without library package support is of course still better than a
complete integration into our eco system; the latter can come later.

So here as well: If you are going to stick to it, please do.


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