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Status and Roadmap


here a small status update, to make sure we are all on the same track.

== Status ==

Our current goal is to make GHC-7.8 and the other Haskell packages
migate to testing. This is currently blocked on:

 * gitit building properly.
   Dimitry is looking into this.
 * haskell-graceful needs to be uploaded
   N. Ohkawa is taking care of this.
 * haskell-hoogle. This waits on shake, which waits on
   js-flot and js-jquery.
   Iustin plans to tackle that this weekend.
 * haskell-leksah.
   Masayuki Hatta wants to give it a try.
 * hbro.
   Current plan is removal.
 * yi.
   Marcel Fourné is looking into this.

Thanks everyone for doing that (and doing it sooner than later – as you
can see, these are blockers).

Then we have a few packages in NEW that we have to wait for (and I fear
that the above TODOs will add a few more).

Then we need to remove a few packages. The removal of hoauth is blocked
by twidge (#784316). I hope that John reacts soon, either with a new
upstream release, or a removal.

When all that has happened, and unless I forgot something, we need to
wait for a few days, and then GHC can migrate to testing.

== Roadmap ==

When that has happened, I suggest the following next steps:
 * We upload all that also to wheezy-backports-sloppy and 
   jessie-backports, to make Haskell on Debian stable more useful
   (Alternatively only GHC and cabal-install.)
 * We upgrade all our packages to the latest Stackage LTS release, and
   make sure that enters testing.

That should hopefully be done before July 1, when we can expect Stackage
LTS 3.0 to be released, which is based on GHC 7.10. That is when
GHC-7.10 will enter unstable, and the whole process repeats.


Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
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