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Last call to decide which libraries to remove


according to the package plan, these packages are obsolete:

binary-communicator obsolete
bluetile 0.6 binary obsolete
data-pprint 0.2.3 obsolete
ed25519 obsolete
editline obsolete
fastcgi 3001.0.2.4 obsolete
glade obsolete
gloss obsolete # dont remove, will to be patched to allow older base
gstreamer obsolete
gtkglext 0.12.1 obsolete
hamlet 1.2.0 obsolete
happstack-hsp 7.3.2 obsolete # requires newer src-exts
hoauth 0.3.5 obsolete
hsx 0.10.4 obsolete # reqiures old src-exts
hsx-jmacro 7.3.5 obsolete # requires old src-exts
http-attoparsec 0.1.1 obsolete
lambdabot-utils 4.2.2 obsolete # no recent upstream version, homepage (github user) disappeared
libtagc 0.12.0 obsolete
MonadCatchIO-mtl obsolete
pastis 0.1.2 obsolete # no support for network-2.6, seems to be dead upstream
process-conduit obsolete
rss2irc 1.0.6 binary obsolete
shakespeare-css 1.1.0 obsolete
shakespeare-i18n 1.1.0 obsolete
shakespeare-js 1.3.0 obsolete
shakespeare-text 1.1.0 obsolete
strict-concurrency obsolete # 5 years old, fails to buil
TinyURL 0.1.0 obsolete # only one version, 6 years ago, fails to build
tokyocabinet-haskell 0.0.5 obsolete
type-level 0.2.4 obsolete
weighted-regexp obsolete

I will file removal bugs for them soon. If you plan to support any of
them by means of patching, please add an appropriate comment to the
line, like I did for gloss, or simply commit the appropriate patches.


Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
Debian Developer
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