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Re: yi

Hi Marcel,

Am Mittwoch, den 29.04.2015, 22:04 +0200 schrieb Marcel Fourné:
> >yi seems to have a few new dependencies (yi-rope, yi-language and
> >others). Who wants to look into packaging these, and also upgrading the
> >yi package? (I don’t...)
> I had done some work on 0.8.2 cleaning up cruft on the way, but I'll
> look into 0.11.2 in the next days - though my planning may be a little
> off at the moment.
> >Maybe the yi authors can be convinced to add their package to stackage?
> >(http://www.stackage.org/authors)
> It seems they have something on their radar
> https://github.com/yi-editor/yi/issues/551 , but I'm not certain what
> that means.

what the status of yi in Debian? Are you taking care of it?


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