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Re: Next steps to a sane state

>great. Any reason you did not simply push to

is "I hate everything that isn't git" a valid reason? :)
I had this problem when I fixed the ghc lintian stuff one year ago, and we had a couple of mails where you told me how to fix it,
but I changed my computer, so the configuration files disappeared, and my memory is not good enough for understanding darcs

debcheckout ghc-testsuite doesn't work, seems that the http checkout isn't possible, due to a missing hook or some references

debcheckout ghc-testsuite
declared darcs repository at http://darcs.debian.org/pkg-haskell/ghc-testsuite
darcs get http://darcs.debian.org/pkg-haskell/ghc-testsuite ghc-testsuite ...
Hash failure in /home/locutus/.darcs/cache/pristine.hashed/dc68ca249bb4baf807caf048885ed82f7d37e9b54f62c8700c88bfe007e61678
Hash failure in /home/locutus/.darcs/cache/pristine.hashed/ddb12000c019a2f76536b36e4a8dd896d7ad72a5eb80c04c169bd714380ff68a
Hash failure in /home/locutus/.darcs/cache/pristine.hashed/a8d1748fe15cff6004a4e20ae03bf6f84b8e66eb2fa70d85e273760c77b62103
Hash failure in /home/locutus/.darcs/cache/pristine.hashed/4c3e4841f2877ad1bd64bf82fb124d754030da1ef4a3c1b3b0e9150fe15710e2
Hash failure in /home/locutus/.darcs/cache/pristine.hashed/315a6b8d9d86157f277b133912324db7c02d781579bbb0f24c31d855e7a8da70
Hash failure in /home/locutus/.darcs/cache/pristine.hashed/ac5a1a19506d7ed977aa8c2d9ce02e5d5bfb445e382012893d605fd20bfe5097
Copying patches, to get lazy repository hit ctrl-C...
Hash failure in /home/locutus/.darcs/cache/patches/0000000556-5fc11740730b0716a00e29c0b63621e09cecda596095d4d48d4320cb2a723297
Finished getting. 

So I grabbed the last debian dsc, applied the watch file fix on darcs and updated :)

>Or are you not yet a member of the group? For some reason I assumed you
>were, but I might have confused you :-)... in that case, feel free to
>join the group on alioth.

yes I am, just too lazy to fix it ;)



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