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Re: Request for check and upload [Was: Status and Roadmap]

Hi Joachim,

Am Fri, 29 May 2015 23:06:54 +0200 schrieb Joachim Breitner:

>Do you have a more stringent umask set? I have never seen this
>happening before. You can probably fix this on alioth using chmod.

Fixed the permissions to allow access like intended. ;-)

>This seems to include a copy of libcharsetdetect, but debian/copyright
>does not reflect that. src/libcharsetdetect/README.md contains
>copyright notices not mentioned in debian/copyright; there might more,
>I did not look further.

This was a special case for charsetdetect-ae, since it has an embedded
C++ library from mozilla, glued together with an emulation library from
the same using a header from Chromium... I think I have gotten the
licenses together from the READMEs, since that's the information from
At least the other libraries do not have this setup.

>> dynamic-state-
>> oo-prototypes-
>> word-trie-
>> yi-language-
>> yi-rope-
>Same here. Partly these have been packaged before by Sebastian. I’m not
>sure about the status of the previous packaging, I guess you can just
>remove the existing repositories and replace them with your own.

Yes, there were some directories, which got me a headache while
fumbling at first due to darcs-monitor, but I have moved the older
directories to ***-old, so now my darcs repos should be named like the
debian source packages. All without any intended disrespect for
Sebastians prior work, of course!

>Once that is fixed I hope I can finally upload your work! Sorry for the
>annoying delay.

I have to thank you for helping me find my errors, so no harm done!


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