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Next steps to a sane state


while most of our packages have been built with 7.8 now, not all of them
are, so are not in the "everything is installable" state that we want to
be in.

What needs to be done to fix that?

Essentially, this file should be empty:

As you can see, it is not, so this can serve as a TODO list.

The commented binNMUs there are grouped into
# Already scheduled NMUs
# Failed builds
# NMU seems pointless. Dependency in NEW?
# Packages and Wanna-Build are out of sync
# Package pending removal, don't bother

Already scheduled NMUs should not take long, at least on amd64, so
likely they have build dependencies that cannot be satisfied. Check if a
the package plan has a newer version than the archive and upload.

Failed builds need to be investigated. Likely a new upstream release can
fix them, otherwise patching is required. Or removal on certain

Dependencies in NEW just need patience, or, if it takes too long, a
gentle nudge towards the FTP masters.

“Packages and Wanna-Build are out of sync” should be temporary.

“Package pending removal, don't bother” is still a todo: Why have these
packages not yet been removed? Do they have reverse dependencies? What
is the plan for these – removal or upgrade?

So you can see there is still a way to go, and I’d happy to get help


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