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Re: Status and Roadmap


ok, a week has passed, so lets see what has happened.

Am Freitag, den 22.05.2015, 10:49 +0200 schrieb Joachim Breitner:
> Our current goal is to make GHC-7.8 and the other Haskell packages
> migate to testing.

This is still the case.

> This is currently blocked on:
>  * gitit building properly.
>    Dimitry is looking into this.


>  * haskell-graceful needs to be uploaded
>    N. Ohkawa is taking care of this.

✓, the DHG took over the package.

>  * haskell-hoogle. This waits on shake, which waits on
>    js-flot and js-jquery.
>    Iustin plans to tackle that this weekend.

Iusting is working on that, and has uploaded haskell-js-jquery.

>  * haskell-leksah.
>    Masayuki Hatta wants to give it a try.

Any news here?

>  * hbro.
>    Current plan is removal.

Removal bug filed.

>  * yi.
>    Marcel Fourné is looking into this.

Marcel is having good progress here.

> Then we need to remove a few packages. The removal of hoauth is blocked
> by twidge (#784316). I hope that John reacts soon, either with a new
> upstream release, or a removal.

This is no longer a blockers, I patched hoauth to build for now.

> When all that has happened, and unless I forgot something, we need to
> wait for a few days, and then GHC can migrate to testing.

There are numerous NEW packages to wait for now, of course.

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