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Fwd: Abstract console backward compat and S/Linux Re: Bootdisks for Debian-Sparc boot disks progress bugs (?) can i help? compiling gpm Re: Convert RedHat install to Debian .. Debian floppies in DIST/hamm/hamm/disks-sparc on Re: Debian S/Linux leaders? dinstall? Re: dpkg eperl compile woes Hi there! huhh... booting.. ISDN/Audio Is it me, or are the disks not cool? kernel & math-emu troubles libc6 2.0.93 report libgdbmg1-dev (1.7.3-24): conflict with glibc-pre2.1 Location of libc6_2.0.93 Looking for Media minix FS broken ??? new boot disks available New boot disks work! new disks-sparc installed new kernel-image New silo! Nvram/idprom on Sparc 1 Running Solaris Binaries Screwed up libc [SECURITY] New version of procps Silo problem, need help (fwd) silo & timeout slang0.99.38 & slang1 sparc autocompile has begun sparc + debian hamm? status: at libs/publib and still compiling status: pass 1 complete still no joy with new disks SunOS/Solaris Emulation troubles with dynamic libraries Re: Uploaded perl 5.004.04-5 (sparc) to chiark where can i get the sources from?? X bins? XSun and Dpkg-devel The last update was on 20:05 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 103 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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