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Re: Running Solaris Binaries

This is what ldd compress tells me:


I downloaded all of these. 

Are there any other files other than the above listed shared libraries
that I need from solaris? (I listed all that I have downloaded in my
previous message.)

I'm not a solaris expert. Most of my experience has been with 
IRIX and Linux. 

Hence my intense desire to use Linux instead of Solaris :-)


On Sun, 24 May 1998, Stephen Zander wrote:

> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael A Iverson <ivy@reflector.uts.ohio-state.edu> writes:
>     Michael> I made the necessary devices in /dev/, and put the
>     Michael> appropriate libraries in /usr/gnemul/usr/lib/, and tried
>     Michael> to execute a simple solaris binary (compress) (the file
>     Michael> is executable). All I get is:
>     Michael> lambic# ./compress
>     Micheal> bash: ./compress: No such file or directory
> What does 'ldd ./compress' show?
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> Stephen
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